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Compassionate lies

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Screaming. Shouting and a despair. A maddening feeling of helplessness. Crying. The smoke, which prevented to see more than a meter in front of her, and the smell of burning. She tripped on something, and when she bent down, a glassy look of dead eyes, where she could see her face. She just hardly held terrified scream from her throat and blindly stumbled back, away from the terrible mirror. Suddenly she lost her balance. She desperately tried to get it back, but she couldn‘t. Someone's arms saved her before bringing.

She silently thanked his rescuers and slowly turned around to see that person. This time, her shrill scream echoes scattered in the countryside and several times returned to its owner.

She wanted to escape, but his hands still held her shoulders and did not allow a single move.

"Jean?" she said shakily. She stared into the face of her close friend. Close and ten years dead.

He didn’t anter her and didn’t smile, as it always used to do. How does he need a smile now! It’d warm his ashen gray, expressionless face. He looked like a wax figure, staring off into space. He didn’t seem to be aware of her person.

"Jean, can you hear me?" she gently pated her hands over his face. It was as if pating a rock. Hard, cold and lifeless.

" Come soon," he said. Even after many years she recognized his voice, though his lips didn’t move. "You can‘t hide."

"Who? Who will come? " The damn smoke started hiding him, too. She couldn‘t let him go! She needed an answer! "Jean? Jean! "She screamed at him, but it was too late. All wrapped gray colour and she fell.

She sprang into a sitting position and panted heavily. She looked at an alarm clock and found that it's only half past three in the morning.

Something rattled beside her and she almost flew out of the skin.

"Essi?" A lamp lighted on and she was momentarily blinded. "Es, something happened?"

Es stared at the man beside her, as if seeing him for the first time in her life. My God, it's Rikku!, she remembered after a while. She put herself back to duvets. It was just a dream! She had to overwhelming herself to don’t laughing.

"Well, Es!" She felt he carefully put his hand on her forehead. She gently touched him by her.

"Forgive me, something I only dreamed it. I didn’t want to wake you. "

"Really?" Rikku didn’t trust her so much but he gave his hand away.

"Really. Sleep! "She said quietly, reaching for the switch. Room shrouded by a veil of darkness again. After a while, she heard only his regular breathing.

Quietly got out of bed, knowing that she sleeps no longer. Although Rikku admit, she had the same dream yesterday. And before yesterday. And before before yesterday, too.

As quietly, without waking up her husband and children, Essi started warming a water for tea. Should she be scared? Do these dreams mean anything? She fished out an old, crumpled photograph from the bottom drawer – in the last time she did it so often that she was afraid of the picture will ruin to more pieces. She sat at the kitchen table with it in one hand and a steaming cup of tea in the other.

"Tell me, what do you want to say?" She told to the people in the picture. They were her friends, colleagues and family at a time. It was her wolfpack.

There was a beautiful November midday outside. The sun reflected off the fresh white snow and tossed colorful reflections into the room. Essi had a great mood, for the first time in a long time a good night's sleep. With a song on her lips she cooked a lunch for free guys raging in the garden.

Her sensitive hearing checked out the action, where the trio enjoying the first snow of this year. She smiled, she loved her family more than anything else.

A family idyll disrupted vocal sibling argument, which is transferred to the house at the moment. Es have brushed her hands and prepared to carry out her function in a family court. The children rushed into the kitchen like a hurricane.

"Mommy, Mommy! Arvi threw me into drifts, " the little blonde sued.

"That's not true!" her older brother said immediately. "Taimi's lying! She fell down! "

"No! Mom, don’t believe him! He did it on purpose, "she said and her sparkling blue eyes asked for Essi’s agreement of her truth.

"Really," Es said absently, while grudgingly watched as a snow was melting into her beautiful, new wooden floor. "Immediately go to take off," she commanded them strictly. Both kids threw her a hurt look, but obeyed without a murmur.

Essi pulled out a piece of old rag and started swobing.

"Stop, I’ll do it," Rikku stopped her and gently pushed her up from the floor.

"So you could tame them a little," she complained him, but her voice wasn’t a little anger. The tamed children – has anybody ever seen it? She had problems with their temperament, too, although she was a werewolf!

"Oh, they're just kids after all," Rikku defended their offspring. "So I forgive them." He supplemented his monologue with a short warm hug and a kiss, which she gladly returned. Children disturbed their private moment by seeking an attention again.

"I'll think about it," Essi said him silently, then she went round him and began to pick up the plates for a lunch.

"So are you looking forward to holilys in our cottage?" said Rikki, as an administrative head of the family established at the head of table. He got a happy children’s shouting as an answer.

"We will build a snowman!" Taimi was rejoicing. " And ride on the sleigh!"

"And ski! And make snowballs and dad will teach me to hunt a bear! "Arvi complement it.

Her sister gave him a doubtful look. "You'll catch a bear?"

"Of course," Arvi said confidently. "And then I‘ll bring him. Mom‘ll bake him for dinner and you‘ll do the hat from his fur. "

"I'll go with you," said Taimi.

"No, you're still too small!"

"I'm not, I'm eight! Dad, he wants me not to take with, " Taimi started whimpering.

"Nobody’s gonna catch any bear‘" Es stopped their plans sharply. Her statement provoked a double ‚why?‘, but she didn’t want to make any compromise. "I won’t let any wild animal to tear you up just because of your fun!"

"But Mom," Arvi protested, "Every right Finnish has to hunt a bear!"

"Be quiet! Nobody’s speaking during a lunch."

"Come on, daddy… " red-headed boy was looking for advocacy, where they could, but he didn’t find any.

"Your mother is right, you have a plenty of time to hunting. And now, good taste. "

"Good taste," children muttered and started eating.

"And what about you?" Rikku told to his wife after lunch. "You don’t look like you’re so excited."

She didn’t look enthusiastic? Of course not! A left cottage, only the forest around… A perfect opportunity for hungry vampires, how to get some food! But nobody, even Rikku, knew about their existence. They didn‘t know that there are any vampires or werewolves, and what more that one of them live with them in the same house for many years.

But she didn’t want to spoil the fun.

"Of course I'm looking forward to… I just don’t like that environment. I'm a girl from the city. "

"Oh…" He waved to her which signaled her to come to him and then her pulled her onto his lap. "You're young and you haven‘t had any old age problems yet! Soon it’ll come, you can‘t hide! "

, Hide ... you can’t hide ... " How many times has she heard it in the last time?

She got blanche and suddenly she sprang up like the bullet from his lap.

"Is something wrong?" Gently took her hand, but she angrily wrench it from him. "Have I done something? Have I said something badly? "

"Why did you say it?" She asked and her voice was like an ice.

"What?" Rikku blinked in confusion.

"That it will come. Why right this? " She knew that she’s not fair to him, but she needed to know it! Why did he do the same as Jean almost every night? Or is it a random?

"I don‘t know, it just cross his mind. Finally, can you tell me what's going on? "

What should she answer to it? She shouldn‘t. Instead she abruptly turned on her heel and marched away from the room, ignoring the Rikku‘s calling her her name.

Trees were everywhere Essi just looked. This was the place where she belonged. Her inner wolf was feeling only a satisfaction.

Children run at the house immediately after an arrival, to find the best place to sleep, followed his father who was snorting under the weight of luggages. She knew that she should go to help him, but the beauty around her was completely captivating!

"So you can see, you like it here," Rikku walked behind her and hugged her lovingly. For Es‘s joy he seemed he has forgotten an afternoon argument. Completely. With a satisfied exhale she adopted the warmth of his arms.

"I'm going to make a coffee. Don‘t be here fort a long time, you’ll get freeze, " he whispered softly.

"I'll go," she said in the same way.

A chill wind blew and the Es snuggled more into her coat. A last deep breath of a fresh air.

She stopped herself. Oh, no! She had to get wrong. Certainly she hadn’t smelled… A vampire! Essi‘s wolf began to wire to the surface, her instincts forced her to defend herself, she forced her body hardly to be calm.

She sniffed again and ... nothing! No indication that they aren‘t alone in this place. Has she been completely crazy?

At last she looked around, then she went to the cottage. Maybe Rikku was right and she needed to rest a while ...

Trees were looming in a dim light blind windows. A loud wind was humming in a chimney-stalk and the fire crackling in the fireplace. Perfect comfort like in a fairy tale.

Es sat leaned in her chair and quietly taught her daughter to sew clothes for her dolls. Sometimes she surreptitiously looked at her husband, who was fully engaged with an elderly shotgun. Arvi listened to him very carefully, and tried to remember every his word. He had a huge model in his father, and he wanted to be like him one day.

It started quite innocently. A few times some twigs snapped and snow creaked under the weight of the body. Essi paid no attention to it, she considered it as normal sounds of nature.

Suddenly her nose smelled a sweet, pungent aroma. She stumbled, tensed up, and sniffed again. This time she was sure she wasn’t dreaming. And she was right. The smell was getting stronger and more intrusive.

She walked nervously into the kitchen. Her sudden movement attracted the attention of others, thankfully no one followed her.

Restlessly she walked up and down the room. What should she do? She prayed that vampires left her house in the rest. Her mind was willing to fight for her family to the last breath. This would, however, revealed ... and was she really ready to lose those who was whole her life? Because who would want to live voluntarily with a monster cold-blooded killer?

Essi was engaged with her inner struggle so she the misheard knock on the door. In a trance she heard a quiet conversation.

"Sure, yes, come in," Arvi just said.

The air became almost unbreathable. Up to now, she didn‘t realize how much she hated the annoying odour. Essi‘s inner wolf caught a fit of madness. Thousands of tiny needles were in motion on the skin of her entire body, limbs began to lose its shape. She had to use whole her power to stay in her human form.

„You everybody could get into only one car?," Arvi said dubiously.

Es took the last deep breath before she went with her newfound self-control to the living room.

There were eight visitors. They all were pale and in clothes which just didn‘t match with the weather outside. Their eyes were totally black, it means they haven’t fed for a long time. When she entered into the room, all of them turned their eyes to her. She noticed that some of the intruders licked their lips fastidiously. Her naive and silent prayer, they are just casual visitors, didn’t fulfilled.

She quietly moved to a chair, where Taimi was almost out of breath and huddled to her doll desperately. She felt something is wrong. When Taimi saw someone she knows, she run between her arms. Essi hid her behind her back and kept careful watch on the others.

"Imagine, Essie, a car of these masters has fited into a snow just a few miles away. They were lucky they found our cottage, weren’t they? " Rikku said to his wife. He couldn’t recognize her at the moment. She was always nice and friendly, so what was different this time?

"They can borrow a shovel," Es replied icily. Her body began to prepare for the fight. She noticed that vampires didn‘t realize that they are face to face with a werewolf. She was grateful for the daily stress that she had no time to a transformation! She smelled like an ordinary human, that even the most sensitive nose couldn‘t feel her wolf’s fur. She was wagering on a moment of surprise.

As quietly as it was possible she showed to Arvi to move with Taimi upstairs.

"Take a sister, go into the room, close and don’t let anyone go inside," she told him silently. Although he didn’t understand any mason why, he immidiately obeyed without any protest. When Essi heard a door lock, she felt a large relief. The children were safe, at least for now.

"Of course we will lend it to them," Rikku said. „It's right there, "pointed to the front door, beside which was a shovel. But no vampire was cared.

Now even Rikku knew that they aren’t there for a random visit. "Can we do something else for you?" he said nervously, his voice was a little higher than usually. The room began to sprawl a specific smell of fear. Vampires growled to himself with delight. A hunt began.

"Sure you can, dinner," one of vampires said, probably the leader. "Don‘t move!"

"Stop!" Rikku shouted. Es wasn’t quite sure how did Rikku‘s shotgun appear in his hands. However, he held it in his hand and aimed at uninvited visitors. "Now leave my house or I'll shoot!"

Some vampires started silently laughing .

"Really, human? I'm afraid, afraid! " the leader replied, looked like a frightened child, which only gave a pretext to a louder laugh. "Boo!"

Bang! A shot clattered all glasses in the cabinets. Taimi shouted, but thankfully she or her brother didn’t decide to run downstairs.

The vampire looked surprised and shocked at his bloody shoulder. But it took only a few seconds before the vampire entered part of him and the wound healed. Just because of vampire‘s bloody shirt someone could recognize that he‘s ever been hurted.

His shock quickly replaced by anger, which was transferred to others immidiately. No one from the visitors have trying keeping themself under control.

Another loud stun. It trushed into the room, followed by other ones. Werewolves! Their rescue! Glass-breaking and crashing furniture. A human scream was mixed with an animal growl.

In the last minute Essi could pull Rikku aside. Someone's body hit the wall a few millimeters next to them, but she had no time to find out whether it is a wolf or a vampire.

"Hide!" Es commanded to totally stiffed Rikku and pushed him under the table roughly. Something striked her so hardly that she couldnt breath for a moment. She had to fight for every breath and colored stars were dancing before her eyes.

She felt a sharp pain in the neck. Vampire‘s long teeth took a bite in her neck artery and slowly sucked the life out of her. She used her whole power to an attempt at disuniting the vampire from her weak body.

The vampire had no problem with her protests. She desperately tried to extricate her hand from his steely grip, but without success.

Krup! His grip was too hard and Essi‘s broken wrist hurts as much as he couldn’t hold on anymore. Slowly, but surely she was falling into darkness. Sounds were getting silent. She felt her legs were loosing a feeling. The pain was more and more slight, and faded completely. In the end she blacked out...

A quiet conversation woke her up. Rather a murmuring, because she didn‘t understand a single word. She wanted to see who awakes her, but the lids were too heavy. She tried to move the legs, but her body didn‘t obey her. Es desperately howled in mind, but just unidentifiable whimper came out of her mouth. However it was enough.

"She’s awake," someone whispered. ,I know that voice,´ she thought, but couldn‘t remember where from.

"Essi." She was absolutely sure whose this voice is. Again she tried to open her eyes, this time successfully. Her eyes met Rikku’s ones. She was afraid of what she’ll see in his face. Fear? Disappointment? Nausea… But he saw only one thing - love.

"We'll leave you alone for a while. If anything happens, we will be closely. " Essi shot looked at the speaker, where she recognized Septimus. And next to him, Olivia. And Ben is next to them.

The long ten years has elapsed, but they have changed no way. How much had she missed them! But now they were back. The wolfpack came back… But was she really delighted at it?

The door were closed. Es and Rikku looked into each other's eyes again, but neither of them spoke. What should they say?

"What about your neck?" Rikku began silently.

"It's okay, it doesn’t hurt me anymore," Essi said wouldbe with abandon, although the injury was still aching. But she had so much seriously problems. "And what about you? And children?"

"I’m fine and Taimi and Arvi want to know what is wrong with their mom."

"What did you tell them?" Essi asked, the same fear what she felt sounded in her voice. What if Rikku forbids children to meet her again? Although she wasn’t their biologic mother, the werewolves couldn‘t have children, she loved them as her own!

He droped her hand and she stood up, which only confirmed her dark thoughts.

"No," Essi whispered brokenly. She felt her eyes begin to water. She pushed them tightly, waiting for the final judgement.

"Now!" Rikku shouted suddenly as she got scared, but before she could recover, the door were opened, and a few seconds later a blonde torpedo landed on her belly. Arvi followed his sister hesitantly, he could more understand what has happened, but he also warmly embraced Essi.

When she looked at her husband‘s face, she saw him smile. Right now she became calm completely. Everything was fine, for now.

That evening Rikku found Es in the kitchen with her favorite cup of tea in the hand. When he came closer, he noticed that she is fully absorbed by the old familiar photo. He was sure that it wasn‘t her only friends, as she claimed all the time, especially if he recognized some faces perfectly.

"Why haven’t you tell me about it for all these years?" In the first time since the unfortunate incident they’ve had time for themself. The children were sleeping and the pack was somewhere in the woods.

Es looked up from the table and blinked in confusion. He noticed that again weeping.

"A compassionate lie. But what should I say? Well, Rikku, you know, I'm an ordinary girl, although I sometimes get a furry coat, but I don‘t have fleas, so it's okay, right?" she ironicaly laugh to her own joke. "Oh, and sometimes I go to a trip where I kill some vampires, but they actually don’t exist, so good!" Something like that? "

"You could tell me about it," Rikku frowned. "I‘d understand that."

"I know, so I think I know, but…" She looked down again. "I was scared."

"Why, please?"

"I was afraid of everything. That you‘d fear me. Or hate me. That you won‘t let me be with children. That you leave me, I wouldn’t survive it. "She looked up. "I love you. You replace me my family that I‘ve never had. I can‘t lose you! " she howled desperately.

He looked at her with a gaze. She was beautiful, but she’s always had a touch of mystery that he’s wanted so much to be able to decipher it. Now, he’s done it and… He‘s never loved her like this before. How could she think he could leave her?

"You won’t lose us," he said confidently. "We'll stay together forever!"

"That's it," Essi said. "Septimus and the others, my pack… they want me to join them again. To hunt with them again."

"So let’s go," Rikku answered immediatelly. No emotion. She got attentive. Does he chase her? "Go," Rikku went on gently, "do what you have to and then just come back. We will wait for you. "

"Really?" she asked incredulously. Did he really forgive her? She didn‘t believe in it even in the most naive dreams! With a wolf's speed, he threw around his neck. She felt Rikku got numb, but then he returned her embrace.

"Yes," he said. "But since now no secrets anymore!"

She gave him a short kiss. "Are you sure?" Diabolical flames flamed in her eyes. "For example I have a birthday next month. I will be eighty! "

He stared at her, before he began to laught loudly.

A car didn‘t even stop and the children have run out to hunt the best places. Tramp upstairs, a moments of silence and then a sharp argument. Just like every year. Essi turned to Rikku, and both smiled indulgently at the same time.

Slowly she got out from the car and she looked at snow on the rooftop. Everything was as usually. A tiny cottage was crouching among the glittering snow drifts. Trees were pitching in the wind and she felt a frost in her face.

She’s never thought how many things can happened in one day. Just today it’s been a year since her life turned over absolutelly. For the better way, she had to say.

"What are you thinking about?" Rikku asked.

"That's how easy everything can change." Slowly she turned and smilingly accepted his offered arms. "But right now I like everything in this way."

And hopefully it will stay…
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